Paper Dairy Style Bags

Volm offers an array of paper dairy-style bags, including the Peel Pak bag within a bag. This bag is specifically for dry dairy and other related products. It consists of an inner polypropylene bag that is heat sealed, and then outer paper plies for ultimate protection. There are also a variety of venting methods available to choose from.

Most Common Uses
  • Dairy
  • Powders
  • Pellets

Product Detail


  • Tailored bag designs
  • Multiple thicknesses and barrier properties available
  • Color printing available to enhance your brand presence
  • Suitable for a cleanroom environment
  • Heat-sealed inner bag for product moisture protection
  • Paper portion is recyclable
  • Flat bottom for better palletizing
  • Tear-top easy-open feature (top or bottom of the bag)

Available Options

  • Venting system available for increased product de-aeration  

Package Size Range

  • Up to 70 lb capacity 


Product Dimensions:

  • Width: 12mm to 23mm
  • Bottom: 4mm to 8mm
  • Length: 19.5mm to 38mm

Product Strength:

  • Up to 4 plies
  • Basis weight is 40-70 lbs.

Brochures & Product Documents


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