Diverse Market Reach With Innovative Solutions

Through our innovations in food packaging, equipment engineering, and forward-thinking practices, including our approach to sustainability, Volm Companies is committed to providing products and services to the fresh produce, frozen and processed foods, lawn and garden, pet products, outdoor fencing and fabrics, erosion control, landscape supplies, culvert and drainage, and seafood, snacks, sweets and dairy industries that provide unmatched value and complete satisfaction.

Volm Markets

Fresh Vegetables

Fresh Produce

Keeping it fresh for over 65 years. Because fresh is always best.

Frozen Food

Frozen & Processed Foods

If it's frozen, it needs to stay frozen. We've perfected the process for frozen and processed foods.

Landscaping Supplies

Landscape Supplies

Landscape contractors rejoice! We have the supplies that will keep you green (and your competitors green with envy).

Lawn Care

Lawn & Garden

Volm is deeply rooted in the lawn and garden industry. We soar at outdoor.

Landscaping Fabric

Outdoor Fencing & Fabrics

You wouldn't believe how many uses there are for our outdoor fencing and fabrics. Together, let us count the ways.

Pet Products

Pet Products

We love pets, pet products and pet product packaging. And that's the whole package.


Seafood, Snacks, Sweets & Dairy

Maybe we should think about it as our appetizers to all the other industries.

Culverts and Drainage

Culverts & Drainage

Culverts and drain accessories may not sound very enthralling, but without them, life would be appalling.

Erosion Control

Erosion Control

How do you control erosion control? Just ask us, our knowledge will never erode.