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A Sister Company To Volm Companies

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A Dedication To Flexible Packaging

Yellowstone Plastics, Inc. is a sister corporation to Volm Companies which is a leader in fresh produce, frozen foods, lawn and garden, events, and the pet food industries. Yellowstone Plastics was founded in 1999 in Idaho Falls, ID under the direction of Alan Mueller, an executive and co-owner at Volm Companies.

Staying Current With Industry Demand

Yellowstone is dedicated to providing flexible packaging solutions to the fresh produce industry on a quick turn basis. Because there was an enormous void in fulfilling the fast turnaround gap that the industry requires, the Yellowstone facility has experienced dynamic growth, significant expansions, and numerous capital enhancements to stay current with the industry’s demand for Yellowstone’s products and services.

Capabilities & Products

In our advanced production facility, customers from many diverse markets can see firsthand Yellowstone’s meticulous and expert printing, converting, and laminating equipment that accommodates projects of all sizes, complexities and innovation. It’s that type of ingenuity, along with our ability to fulfill orders quickly, that has placed Yellowstone in a leadership position in the industry.

We use water based and solvent inks along with providing various substrates including LLDPE, PET, CPP, Nylon and BOPP. Yellowstone offers a wide variety of films including transparent, tinted, white, light blocker, opaque, high clarity and high gloss, matte and soft touch matte, metalized, freezer grade, outdoor heavy-duty and barrier films.

We have also developed many types of converting processes including slitting, rewinding, and centerfold capabilities, as well as finished flat bags and pouch bags. In addition, we also produce laminated and unlaminated rollstock suitable for all types of form, fill, and seal equipment. Innolok Transverse Zipper Technology is available as are different venting options for our product lines.

And, it’s always important to remember that Volm Companies & Yellowstone Plastic’s teams offer complete prepress services, including in-house graphic design, plate making and printing.

Careers at Yellowstone Plastics

Yellowstone Plastics employee

Our corporate headquarters, in Idaho Falls, ID, along with many other locations throughout the Yellowstone and Volm network, are ideal work environments deeply-rooted in a strong workplace culture, driven by goal-oriented people, who are committed to providing service excellence and engineering and manufacturing excellence.

Our employment packages are top-notch and growth opportunities are virtually unlimited. If you are interested in starting an exciting and fulfilling career with Yellowstone Plastics, please visit our career center today.


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