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Sustainability In Action

Volm is actively committed to environmental sustainability — striving to understand and reduce our own environmental footprint while partnering with our customers in their efforts to do the same.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Volm Companies is committed to being a good steward of resources, and that includes the environment and our impact. At Volm Companies we believe it is too simplistic to label “plastic” as a bad word; it has accelerated the growth of economies and industries and continues to offer many advantages. However; we also believe it should be more mindfully used and reused in order to be good stewards of our environment and that, when proper alternatives are available, they should be used. Our commitment is that our everyday business practices and our products are focused under the Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle concept and that we collect that information, measure ourselves against it, and communicate it outwards to our business partners and users.

This is why you will find a strong portfolio of products that reflect the current reality of what is production-ready available to meet your packaging needs relative to the demand for a higher level of environmentally friendly packaging. It is also here where you will find us expand our information around what Volm is doing to play their part in being environmentally conscious while still keeping an eye to “what really can work” at a full-scale production level.

Sustainable Product Lineup

Paper Rollstock

Paper rollstock is designed for vertical form, fill and seal equipment.

CloseIt®️ Bio-Clip Closure

Containing 100% USDA-certified biobased content, Bio-Clip is commercially compostable.

Ultratech®️ Mesh

Ultratech mesh is a technological solution to the call for sustainability facing the fresh produce packaging industry.

Paper Trays & Sleeves

Volm offers an assortment of paper trays and sleeves, including cardboard trays, paperboard trays and pulp/fiber trays.

Netting & Fresh Net®️ Labels

Both knitted and extruded netting are soft on produce and available in many vibrant colors. Eco-friendly options are available.

Consumer Paper Bags

Volm offers paper bags in a variety of sizes and styles for fully sustainable packaging.

Light Blocker Film

Light-Blocker Film

Volm Light-Blocker Half-N-Half and poly bags extend shelf life by 12 to 17 days over traditional poly and paper bags.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Volm’s responsibility goes beyond the walls of our organization. Our company seeks to continuously evolve based on customer demand and expectations, to reduce the environmental impact of business practices, and to create a socially responsible corporation. To find out where Volm stands today and the direction we are headed, click below.

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Volm is excited to announce that we have taken our sustainability efforts one step further and joined the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council (WSBC). By joining the WSBC we are pledging our commitment to do right by our customers, employees, communities we serve, and the environment. The WSBC provides us the opportunity to identify areas for improvement within the scope of sustainability, while also celebrating our achievements. The platform will allow us to identify, prioritize, and measure new sustainability initiatives, and have them certified by a trusted 3rd party. We are excited to share our sustainability journey with you.

Community Involvement

Boys & Girls Club Tour

For Volm, social responsibility has always been core to its business. It has a long history of philanthropy and giving back to the communities which have supported them for so many years.

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