Frozen & Processed Foods

If it's frozen, it needs to stay frozen.

We've perfected the process for frozen and processed foods.

You have some frozen food products, maybe some processed foods, too. And you know they need to withstand freezer conditions, perhaps reject moisture, and control odors. Where do you look? Look no further than the Volm Companies.

We have:

  • pre-zippered rollstock with advantageous Innolock technology
  • pouches and laminated rollstock that that can enhance your brand with our 10 color printing expertise
  • inks that can resist the most brutal of all conditions

How do we know so much about this stuff? Because we're not just a printer and not just a converter. We're also an equipment manufacturer and that gives us knowledge from the ground up. And we pass that knowledge on to you when you need any material handling or palletizing solutions. We've perfected the process. 

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