Fresh Produce

Keeping it fresh for over 70 years.
Because fresh is always best.

We've got you covered from A to Z (Apples to Zucchini)

When you've been keeping produce fresh for seven decades, is there any doubt you know what you're doing? That's rhetorical and historical.

At Volm, we're the only vertically integrated manufacturer of equipment and packaging in North America and that basically means we handle all aspects of your fresh produce needs within our walls; basically A to Z or apples to zucchinis.

  • Need mesh packaging? Done.
  • Or bag converting? Check.
  • What about wide web printing? 10 color printing is our bag.
  • And how about packing equipment and a facilities design team for your complete packing line?

These are the experts who know how to pack a punch in your packing line. Of course: Fresh is always best

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