VP Pouch Bagger

Single pouch bagging machine for pre-made produce pouch style bags

The VP Produce Pouch Bagger is a single pouch bagging machine which easily bags product in common, pre-made pouch style bags. Optional sealing units can be added to automate the sealing process. Options include a heat sealer and/or zip lock closer. The Produce Pouch Bagger allows facilities to move away from costly and labor-intensive manual pouch bagging to affordable, high-speed automation. At up to 20 bags per minute, the produce Pouch Bagger can help keep up with consumer demands.

• Pouches can include multiple handle styles, tear notches, venting options, various films and die cut corners
• Interfaces with many fillers
• Robust, strong frame
• Requires little floor space
• Easy access for service and maintenance
• User-friendly program allows operators to create many set-ups with ease
• Clear doors around the machine for both safety and easy viewing of internal parts of machine
• Pre-stalled router for remote assistance
• Produce Settler for reliable sealing

• Produce Settler for reliable sealing
• Soft-Handling version available

  • Packing Range: UP to 20 pounds
  • Capacity: Up to 20 pouches per minute
  • Air Consumption (conditioned dry air): 20 cfm
  • Supply Voltage: 230 Volt, 3 Phase and Ground