Global Recycling Day: March 18th, 2023

Global Recycling Day
March 14, 2023

Six years ago on March 18th, Global Recycling Day was created to highlight the importance of this practice. Recycling helps to reduce the demand on our natural resources, minimizes carbon emissions and helps support the building of recycling infrastructure.

At Volm, we understand the best thing we can do to help minimize the amount of material that we send to the landfill, is to recycle. During 2022, Volm and Yellowstone Plastics kept over 900,000 lbs. out of the landfill by sending pre-consumer material that was either defective, rejected, or excess poly film, to recyclers. In a coordinated effort with another company, we send our cardboard cores back to our supplier for reuse.

To increase recycling efforts, Volm implemented a 3-month recycling initiative at our corporate location, in which the company donates $1 for every pound of material that is recycled (cardboard, paper, RIC’s 1-5, glass, and aluminum cans), up to $1,000. This money is then donated to a local non-profit that has special meaning to one of our own employees.

During the first month, approximately 6,000 lbs. of material was recycled which meant The Giving Tree of Langlade County received $1,000 (pictured above). Our second month recipient will be the Autism Society of Central Wisconsin and for month three Avail Inc., the domestic violence shelter in Antigo. Over the course of the next year, each Volm site will have their own unique recycling initiative implemented.

We look forward to watching our numbers increase as people become more aware of the proper disposal of their items.

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