Volm’s New Sustainable Packaging Option

HiC2 Pouch
November 22, 2022

Volm Companies is excited to share our new HiC2 and MDO Recyclable Pouch Bags! HiC2 (Hi Clarity 2) and MDO (Machine Direction Oriented) are polyethylene CoEX films that replace current PET (polyethylene terephthalate) film as print web.

Available in small consumer packs ranging from 1-10 lbs.

  • High graphic capability with up to ten color printing
  • High clarity film
  • Available as domestic or import product

Suitable for automated packing on a standard Volmpack Carousel CBS-6, Automatic Pouch Filler, or for hand packing. Available in wicketed or flat pack poly bag, pouch style, or rollstock for use with the Volmpack RSB-P Pouch Bagger.

Lamination to HDPE or LDPE film creates a FULLY RECYCLABLE single film structure laminated pouch bag:

  • Allows for RIC 2 designation regarding the recycle waste stream
  • Can have “recyclable” printed on the packaging, as well as the #2 recycle code
  • Store drop-off options may be available. Please ask us about this possibility.

Available attributes include:

  • Handles, finger punches, hang holes
  • Heat seal or zipper closure
  • Gussets
  • Die cut corners
  • Standard venting options

Every pound of plastic that is recycled eliminates 1 lb. of fossil fuel that would have been combusted to make new plastic. One billion pounds of recycled PE is equivalent to eliminating 2.9 billion pounds of CO2 from being released or eliminating approximately 350,000 cars from the road.

Volm has provided industry leading packaging and equipment solutions for over 65 years to fresh produce growers, packers, and marketers. We are proud to be able to offer the HiC2 and MDO Recyclable Pouch Bags and the sustainability benefits they provide. As a complete design, equipment, and consumables supplier, we believe we have a unique and exciting opportunity to provide thoughtful solutions that help to reduce landfill waste and meet the demands of a more environmentally conscious world.

To learn more on how you can include HiC2 and MDO Recyclable Pouch Bags into your fresh produce business speak to your Sales Representative or contact us directly via our contact page.

HiC2 & MDO Recyclable Pouches