Volm’s Half-N-Half® bags combine polyethylene and mesh material. While the poly side of the bag allows for high-end graphics and brand exposure, the mesh side gives the bag more breathability than a standard all-poly bag. The Half-N-Half bag is the ideal choice for potato packaging, citrus packaging, and other fresh produce packaging. Available in a range of sizes from 1 to 20 pounds.

Our Half-N-Half bags are available using traditional poly or a poly film with light-blocking characteristics to reduce produce greening and extend the shelf life of your produce. Volm Half-N-Half bags made with our proprietary mesh, Ultratech® mesh, offer superior shelf presence while the flat strands help reduce cutting or abrasion on produce. Ultratech mesh is engineered to enhance package integrity through increased seal strength, minimizing bag failure. Ultratech mesh is available in multiple colors and can be made in exclusive, brand-enhancing color combinations. For more on Ultratech Mesh, click here: Ultratech Mesh

Volm Half-N-Half bags:

  • Extend shelf life of fresh produce
  • Make a statement with bold, high quality graphics
  • Protect product with the breathability of mesh
  • Save money with a versatile material that runs on automated
    packaging equipment
  • Reduce costs with this alternative to all mesh bags
  • Available using CLAF®, CLAF® Bio Fabric™ or Ultratech Mesh material

Volm’s Half-N-Half bags are available using different mesh material and poly in a wide variety of colors.