Pallet Wrap Netting

Volm is proud to carry a vast array of flexible and elastic pallet wrap netting products. Rolls are available in various widths and lengths. This option for pallet wrap netting offers several benefits to pallet wrapping which include:

  • Superior Load Retention
  • Elongation resulting in more wrapped loads per roll
  • Covers larger surfaces as it maintains its width
  • Offers added strength by gripping around every shape, curve and tops of loads without overlap
  • Versatile – can be used manually or with wrapping machines
  • Allows essential air flow
  • Environmentally friendly – Use more wrap with less waste and is recyclable
  • Saves Time and Money – faster wrapping, more yield per roll, no required overlap and wider net

Call today with your requirements and we’ll match up the product that best suits your needs. Our inventory may vary by location so please call or email us for available stock items.