Snake Bag Gravel Wattle

Erosion Control Snake Bag

Erosion Control Snake Bag Gravel Wattles are designed as a first line of defense in roadway filtration and will trap particle sizes as small as 0.1 fine sand.

Our Snake Bag Gravel Wattle is designed to form 6” gravel wattle 4’ in length and weigh approximately 50 pounds when filled with ¼” gravel. To increase their overall strength and durability, Volm Snake Bags are made of a high UV mono-filament weave.

An advantage to using our bags — they can be used over and over again. This is because each Snake Bag Gravel Wattle is heat sealed, which prevents it from rupturing.

* 17″ x 27″
* 11″ x 48″ (makes 6″ diameter tube)
* 11″ x 1500′ roll (makes 6″ diameter tube)

Applying our years of experience with woven poly meshes to the challenges facing the other industries just makes sense. The same top-quality mesh and poly (polyethylene) fabrics and specialty products can be used for erosion control (e.g. erosion control blankets, silt fencing, sand bags, etc.) and construction sites (e.g., privacy, theft management, and safety). Many applications are also helpful for agricultural and horticultural purposes. Examples of fencing materials include privacy fences, ski/snow fences and garden fences. Whether custom designed, colored and manufactured or one of our many “always in-stock solutions,” Volm has the ability to deliver whatever you need, wherever you need it. Fast and reasonable delivery is available on many many of our products. Call us today at 1-800-253-4737.