Pre-Engineered Modular Solutions

Volm Canada provides the highest quality conveyors for all of your product handling needs. Whether you need inclined, horizontal and nose-over conveyors, we can help. Our Volmpack conveyors are designed to be modular, meaning no need for welding or fabricating onsite during installation. Conveyors can be designed to discharge from the sides so that you can feed any number of conveyors, or storage containers, with one conveyor. This dramatically reduces the footprint of any conveyor system. Conveyors have multiple configurations such as static, adjustable, and actuated depending on your need. Call Volm today to see which solutions is best for you.

Options & Accessories:

  • Product Shears
  • Adjustable Nose-Over
  • GMP Covers
  • Catch Pans
  • Shared Supports
  • Retractable Nose

Volm has recognized the need for full packing line equipment integration and solutions within a packing facility. We’ve listened to our customers and now offer complete facility solutions, from receiving to palletizing to material handling. We’ve assembled a team of expert designers and engineers (VEST) that will customize the solutions that are right for your facility. Volm has partnered up with the industry’s most respected suppliers to be able to offer best-in-class equipment solutions.