Raschel Knitted

Durable and cost effective packaging for fresh produce

Raschel knitted bags can be made to custom fit whatever your packaging application might be. Whether you need rollstock, a drawstring bag or wicketed mesh baler bag, Volm Companies is the industry leader. Ideal for potato, onions, and citrus packaging as well as seafood packaging. Volm offers many knit patterns, colors, and weights to optimize the product being packed in it, while offering optimal breathability. Available with white, gold or silver labels.

Volm Companies is a major national and international supplier of premium packaging. Our customers rely on us to produce custom packaging that fits very specific requirements. They count on us for creative ideas, competitive prices, and on-time delivery. We have the capacity to fulfill both large and small orders, quickly and to the most exacting specifications, and have a reputation for developing solutions for custom applications. Multiple manufacturing and distribution facilities, along with our large trucking fleet ensure you have the packaging when you need it.