Volm Machine Stretch Film

Volm Machine Stretch Film

Volm Machine Stretch Film provides for excellent performance in wrapping A, B and C loads. With between 250% and 300% pre-stretch, it provides high levels of strength, puncture resistance and cling. Whether you’re looking for a simple and economical solution for most common applications or the highest performance film for your high-volume operation, we have a film for you. Volm machine stretch film is available in a wide range of standard widths, lengths and gauges.


Summit Cast:

  • Automatics, overheads and bundling applications
  • Excellent load-holding force
  • Up to 300% pre-stretch
  • Cast co-extruded
  • Puncture and tear resistant
  • Easy unwind for high speed machines
  • One-side cling
  • High elongation

Select Cast:

  • General purpose
  • A and B loads
  • Exceptional load-holding force
  • High levels of strength
  • 250% pre-stretch
  • Cast co-extruded
  • Puncture resistant
  • Quiet unwind
  • Optimal cling
  • 5 layer
  • Clear optics

Call today with your requirements and we’ll match up the product that best suits your needs. Our inventory may vary by location so please call or email us for available stock items.

  • Other Label: Packaging:
    Film Widths: 20" and 30"
    Roll Lengths: 4,000' to 8,000'
    Film Gauges: .55 mil to 1.20 mil