Volmstack Robotic Palletizing

Robotic Palletizing for RPC’s, Display Ready Cases, Boxes, Bins or Bags

Robotic Palletizing – A cost effective solution that improves profitability.

As it becomes more and more difficult to find labor to stack your products, choose a Volmstack robotic palletizing system which reduces your dependency on physical labor and increases the quality of your finished pallets while creating a safe work environment.

Volmstack robotic palletizing systems can automate palletizing for:

  • Recyclable Plastic Containers (RPC) – Stacks up to 30 units per minute
  • Display Ready & Tab locking cases – Stacks up to 30 units per minute
  • Bin Filling – Stacks up to 30 units per minute
  • Boxes – Stacks up to 30 units per minute
  • Bags & Bales – Stacks up to 18 units per minute
  • Multiple Packages – Stacking rates vary by design

Our customizable robotic palletizing systems ensure you can maintain pallet integrity while outpacing the competition.

Whatever your application, Volm has the right palletizing solution for you. With a fully automated palletizing solution, you can expect:

  • Cost Savings – Minimizing the inefficiencies associated with manual palletizing
  • Improved Quality – Increasing the accuracy of your palletizing process resulting in a reduction in product damage
  • Decreased Turnover – Reduced employee turnover rates and related health care costs from repetitive strain injuries

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